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Checklist: Starting a New Fishing Season

It’s the morning of the first day of fishing season. I packed all my fly fishing gear in the car the night before. In the morning, I rush out to my (not so) secret spot to get there before anyone else and wait for the sun to rise. Successful in claiming the best spot on the river, I start fishing and cast a few times, but when I comes time…
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19 Different Fish Species to Fish for on Prince Edward Island

When you talk to most anglers on Prince Edward Island about fishing, they think of brook trout. While it’s true that PEI has some of the best brook trout fishing in the Maritimes, there are other fish species here as well. There may no be the large variety of fish species on PEI as there is in mainland Maritime provinces, but there are still a number of alternative fish species…
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9 Fly Fishing Knots Every Fly Angler Should Know

There are some very firm opinions in the angling community regarding which knots are the best to use. Every angler has their own reasons for using certain knots, and there are pros and cons to many of the commonly used knots in fly fishing. The knots below are the ones I personally use/have used and why I use them. For every knot mentioned, I’ll be linking to Animated Fishing Knots…
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5 Streamer techniques to catch more trout in deep water

These are a few techniques to use in deep, clear, slow moving pools while fly fishing trout with streamers. These conditions present a unique situation for fly anglers, as trout will behave quite differently from trout found in riffles and other shallow water situations. The deeper water makes the trout feel more secure, and by extension bolder. Trout in deep pools will often be much more eager and reckless when chasing…
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Foam Caddisfly Pattern

I love fishing caddisfly patterns, you can usually get really aggressive takes from trout, especially while skating them. This foam caddisfly pattern takes inspiration from the tried and true goddard caddis. While the goddard caddis is one of the more buoyant flies out there using natural materials, it still can become water logged after enough time on the water. The foam caddisfly pattern is an unsinkable version of the goddard caddisfly, for…
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8 Ways to catch more trout fishing nymphs

Nymphing is perhaps the method of fly fishing that most reliably and consistently produces trout. Available prey does vary from river to river, but in most instances nymphs make up the majority of a trouts diet. Knowing this, is it any wonder that fishing a nymph is one of the most effective methods of targeting trout? As mentioned nymphing is extremely effective method of fly fishing for trout. The following techniques, tips, and tricks will help…
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4 Tips to make your flies last longer

As a fly angler, chances are you have invested a significant amount of either money or time (most likely both) into your fly collection. It would be nice to get as much use out of your invested time and money by having your flies last as long as possible. Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to make your flies last longer from a fellow fly fishing addict. Add Head…
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14 Unique and Stylish Fishing Decals.

I love fishing decals, unfortunately I drive a car that doesn’t have a ton of room so I’m limited in space. I have to be picky about what I put on the bumper of my car. Whether your looking for some cool new fishing bumper stickers for your car or truck, or just want some smaller decals for around the house or garage, or are looking for some fishing gift…
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Sili-worm Fly

I was at Micheal’s the other day browsing the craft supplies for potential cheap fly tying supplies. I hit pay dirt when I found packs of 10 yards of silicone cord on sale for $1.99.  They had a few colours available, but I settled on hot pink for tying this really simple silicone worm fly, as well as some green silicone cord as a replacement for sili legs on frog flies. This…
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Amazing Under Ice Fishing

The titles a bit misleading, as there’s no actual “fishing” going on in this video, but this is one of the most creative and well done videos I’ve seen in a while. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch it.