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Smelt Fishing, with a fishing rod this time!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.35.08 PM

Fishing season opened up on April. 15th and as an avid fisherman, I haven’t had much time to write on this blog. i’ve been hitting up the brookies, steelhead, flounder, and smelt so far, and striped bass season opens this weekend! I’ve put together some footage of me messing around in a little brook fishing for smelt and a few small brookies. Need more footage of other fishing for other…
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Dip Net Fishing For Smelts

rainbow smelt dip net fishing american smelt pei prince edward island

Every spring our rivers get overrun with rainbow smelt making their way up river to spawn. There is a dip net fishery for smelt that opens 15 days before the trout fishing season opens. It’s an excellent excuse to get out on the river and scout it out, all the while enjoying in the bounty of smelts. In the video below I’m using waders and wade out into the middle of the…
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13 Great Striped Bass Flies.

national museum of fly tying striper fly

Looking to fill your striped bass fly box? Many striped bass anglers have clousers, deceivers, flatwings, Tarbory snake flies, or some variation of these flies in their fly box. I’ve put together a collection of some striped bass patterns that will hopefully vary from the usual suggestions. Hopefully you discover a new pattern on this list to help you with your bass fishing. Baltic Candy The Baltic Candy is Holder Lachmann’s take…
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Tying a Black Flying Ant Fly (Pismire)

flying ant head black foam body tying elk hair palmered hackle

I remember as a kid seeing hundreds of flying ants at certain times in the summer. My grandmother called them pismires, which I thought was hilarious as a little kid (piss-mires). Fast forward twenty years and I suddenly find myself thinking about these pismires again, this time as a potential forage food for trout. There are two kinds of flying ants in my area that I’ve noticed on the river,…
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Reviving Old Fishing Lures

old rusty spinning tackle lures fishing

We all have some old lures in our tackle box that were either acquired second hand, were put away wet, or are just very old. These fishing lures are often bent, rusted, dull, and dirty. Some people might throw them away but it’s important to remember that fish really don’t care if a lure looks brand new, and you can often revive an old lure to be suitable for catching fish again. Cleaning…
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Simple Seal Fur Shrimp Pattern

43 pink shrimp fly pink thread mono eyes

Shrimp are great because pretty much every fish that swims wants to eat them. This makes shrimp flies a good choice for multi species angling in salt water. There are also some types of fish that have a strong preference for shrimp, In Atlantic Canada these include sea run trout (either steelhead or brookies) and winter flounder. I’ll show you how to tie a shrimp fly. The shrimp fly we’re tying today…
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Dragons and Damsels: 10 Great Dry Fly Patterns

dragon fly real fishing trout fly tying

Fly anglers are well aware of the importance of dragonfly and damselfly nymphs, but often neglect the airborne adults version of these insects. The adult forms of damsel and dragonflies are strong fliers, and are rarely available to trout or bass since they don’t fall in the water all that often. That being said, they do fall in the water on occasion. A trout that has been sipping on mayflies all…
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9 Great Popper Flies from Around the Web

green frog popper bass sunfish panfish trout rubber legs hackle pop paint painted head foam

Popper flies are one of the most fun ways of catching fish. Panfish, bass, trout and an amazing variety of saltwater species will all take a poppers in the right conditions. Poppers can range from very tiny bluegill poppers, to very large poppers for targeting striped bass, tarpon, and even sharks. I’ve gathered a collection of some of my favourite poppers from other fly tyers and lure makers around the web. I’m not…
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World Record Gamefish Comparison: Trout, Salmon, and Bass

smallmouth bass world record fish fishing

This is a infographic I made depicting the size difference between world record catches of some popular game fish. It’s nice to be able to visualize the difference in size by seeing them side by side. I realize there’s lots of fish missing from this comparison like Lake trout, Pike among many others. I may do another comparison in the future with the species I’ve missed. When your looking at this…
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6 Great Ways to Discover New Fishing Spots

Fishing spots PEI prince edward island New Brunswick where to find fishing holes striped bass sea run brook trout brookie steelhead google maps sunset dusk spin rod mackerel flounder

  Whether you’re an angler that has just moved to a new area, a newbie angler with no idea where to start, or a veteran of the area that has grown bored of your usual spots, we have all at one time or another wondered how to find a new fishing spot. The list below mentions some of the best ways to discover new fishing holes, as well as fishing techniques…
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