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End of Fishing Season Checklist.


It’s that time of year where for many of us, the fishing season is coming to a close. While some may be tempted to throw their fishing gear in the closet or garage and call it good enough, I can speak from personal experience that you will not be happy with yourself in the spring. Rusted hooks, mouldy tackle boxes, birds nests, lost gear, and ruined lures and flies are all…
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22 Inch Steelhead Caught on a Black Leech (Video)

22 inch steel head rainbow trout prince edward island pei fly fishing streamer leech fly

  This weekend I was fortunate enough to land a gorgeous female 22″ steelhead that weighs in at 5.5 pounds. The large steelhead from yesterday is tied for the title of my personal best rainbow trout. The steelhead shares the title with a bulky male steelhead I caught October of last year from the same pool. The Steelhead was caught on one of my favourite streamer patterns, a black mohair leech. The video…
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Awesome Underwater Strikes from Rainbow Trout

Screenshot from 2016-08-29 21:09:31

I’ve been spending probably more time than I should be lately on youtube watching fishing videos while I wait for the summer heat to disappear so I can get back on the water. There’s been a sudden surge of underwater strike videos with the release of  water wolf and other similar cameras (I’m not affiliated with them at all, just linked to them to show what it is). Most of the…
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3 Dry Fly Stonefly Patterns that Work

confidence stone fly patterns that work

There’s very little in fly fishing that will get me as excited as a large hatch of stoneflies. A female stonefly bouncing along the surface of the water and laying eggs will provoke absolutely savage strikes from hungry trout. Trout will recklessly slash at the surface to grab these large insects before they can escape. This is great news for the angler as the trout will not inspect flies the same way…
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Gaspereau Aggression Towards Trout

Gaspereau flies alewife white streamer fly pei trout prince edward island spawning 2

The gaspereau (or alewife as they are known elsewhere) run has been going on for a few weeks now. The run happens every spring when the gaspereau come up river to breed. The gaspereau have a reputation among local fishermen for creating poor fishing conditions for brook trout. I’m inclined to agree, as for the duration of the gaspereau run, trout fishing always seems to slow down for me. This year I’ve…
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4 Best Eel Lures for Targeting Striped Bass

sand eel live target striped bass jig head smelt silver black

I’ve talked about flys for striped bass before. As an avid fly fisherman, I love to catch them on the fly when possible, but it’s also lots of fun catching bass on lures. Actually given their fondness for deep water and strong currents, it’s sometimes the only way to get to them. Striped bass prey on pretty much anything they come across that will fit in their mouth, although they do seem to…
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Nice Brook Trout Caught Skating Caddis Fly Pattern

Brook trout on skating goddard caddis dry fly pattern pei

This past weekend I got some decent footage of a nice sized brook trout (The one pictured above) taking a size 10 Goddard Caddis I was skating. While I catch less trout skating a dry fly than on a dead drift, the trout I do catch tend to be larger, more aggressive, and fight harder than those that take a dead drifted fly. You can see the video below, and the…
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Tinsel Baitfish Fly

Mackerel in shore flies tinsel cotton ball simple pei maritimes

  I typically spin cast for mackerel, but there are actually many wharves around here where the mackerel come in range of a fly rod. Unfortunately there are only a few locations with room enough to cast a fly comfortably. When fishing these spots, it’s a blast to target mackerel on a fly, and this is my go to fly for mackerel. The fly is quite heavy, so it will get down…
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Black Mohair Leech Fly

black mo-hair leech fly pattern tying brook trout rainbow brown

The black Mohair leech is my go to streamer pattern for sea run brook trout and Steelhead. It’s a well known pattern, with many tying tutorials around the web. Pictured above is my variation on the mohair leech. I make a few additions in the tying process that really help improve durability as I feel that when tied traditionally, this fly tends to fall apart quite quickly. Olive and white work well…
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Smelt Fishing, with a fishing rod this time!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.35.08 PM

Fishing season opened up on April. 15th and as an avid fisherman, I haven’t had much time to write on this blog. i’ve been hitting up the brookies, steelhead, flounder, and smelt so far, and striped bass season opens this weekend! I’ve put together some footage of me messing around in a little brook fishing for smelt and a few small brookies. Need more footage of other fishing for other…
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