Product Review: Berkley Gulp Alive Jigging grub

Berkley gulp alive jigging grub jarBerkley Gulp Alive jigging grubs are a small soft plastic impregnated with Berkley’s scent. The Berkley product page states that they are work great on panfish, I do not have panfish in my area, so cannot speak to that claim. I have used these grub extensively on Winter Flounder and a bit on brook/rainbow trout.

These are my go-to bait for winter flounder fishing. I always tip my smaller home made bucktail jigs with these grubs. Flounder are a species of fish that have a highly developed sense of smell, and they love the scent of these jigging grubs! The 1/5″/4cm grubs are the perfect size to fit on the smaller hooks required for fishing winter flounder.

The website claims that trout prefer the scent of Gulp Alive over regular plastic and live bait. Through my own testing I haven’t really found this to be true. While these grubs will catch a trout from time to time, the performance is mediocre at best. A trout magnet, a Berkley trout worm, or a hares ear nymph will all out perform these grubs.

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