Product review: Trout Magnet

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The Trout magnet is a versatile little micro jig. The jig is obviously intended to target trout, and as you can see from the image above comes in three different sizes. I’ve found three effective ways to fish Trout Magnets: Under a float, vertical jigging, and using a retrieve.

I’ve found fishing micro jigs under a float or indicator a very effective and often over looked method of trout fishing. The weight of the jighead helps get the presentation down without the need for split shot. Position the float  far enough up the line that the jig is just a foot or so above the bottom of the river, and drift it down the current as you would a worm or a nymph. Honestly, I usually use marabou or bucktail jigs while doing this, but have had success using Trout Magnets in the same way.

I’ve had luck using trout magnets ice fishing, Just drop them down and bounce them as you would any other jig. Oddly enough they seem to catch more white perch than trout while ice fishing, despite the name.

You can also fish a Trout Magnet by retrieving it. Since they are so light, this works best with a fly rod with sink tip line, but you could use a spin rod if you add a bullet or egg sinker. Just strip it in like any other streamer, or try to bounce it along the bottom.

There is one major draw back to the Trout Magnets though, and that’s the actual jig itself. The hook is quite weak and will readily straighten if you are fighting a larger trout. I only use the provided hooks if I’m fishing small trout or other smaller species such as smelt. If I’m using trout magnets on larger fish I substitute the provided hook for a stronger one.

At the end of the day I give it a mediocre rating. While it does work, it doesn’t really do anything to stand out from other micro jigs. I keep a few around just for variety, as you never really know what is going to work on any given day.

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