Gift Ideas for Striped Bass Anglers

Black Friday has come and gone, but for many the shopping continues. Continuing with the theme of the previous two posts, here are some great gift ideas for the striped bass fisherman or woman on your Christmas list.

LED Head Lamp.


It’s not uncommon for striped bass anglers to be out at the beach at 2:00am in the morning, either because they are chasing the tide, or simply due to the fact that bass feed heavily at night. Whatever the reason, a headlamp is a huge help during those last night fishing trips. The key thing is to get one with a red light in addition to a white light. The white light for normal use, and the red light to be used when trying to avoid scaring the fish.

The one pictured is intended for deer hunting, but works well for night time bass fishing as well. Can be purchased at Bass Pro Shops.

Another gift idea for the night time angler is light for the tip of the fishing rod. This is especially useful f

New Lures

silver-blue-mackeral-rapala-x-rap-saltwater-striped-bass-fishing-lures-christmas-gift-ideasWhen I say buy them new lures, I mean buy them nice, hard plastic lures. Even if your striped bass angler typical sticks to more affordable lures like bucktails, and spoons, every striped bass angler will appreciate having one or two fancier lures in their tackle box. Every angler has their own opionon on colour, but black, silver, gold, chartreust, and white are all solid colour choices. Classic colour combo for striped bass lure is all white with a red head.

Solid Choices include

  • Heddon Saltwater Spook. Recommend the “bone silver” or “red head” version.
  • Rapalas Saltwater X-rap. The classic colours are all good choices, but the silver blue mackerel is absolutely gorgeous, and catches lots of striped bass to boot! This is the lure pictured above.
  • Bomber Saltwater Long A. I’ve had good luck with my black/purple one, but any of the classic colours should perform nicely.
  • Cotten Cordell Pencil Poppers. The White Red Head versions would be my first pick.

There are many other legitimate choices as well, but this is a “Christmas gift idea” post and not a “Best Striped Bass Lures” post, so I’ll stop here before I get carried away.

Phone Case


There are two ways you could go with this. You could get them a heavy duty, water proof phone case if they take their phone out fishing with them, or If your angler leaves his phone in the car when they’re fishing (like I do) you can opt for a lighter weight phone case that has a striped bass themed decal on it (like the one pictured above).

Phone case pictured above is available at The link is for an Iphone, but the case is available for a few other phones as well, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Striped Bass Themed T-shirts


T shirts have been a staple of Christmas gifts for years. There are not a ton of striped bass themed t shirts out there, but if you shop around you can find a few clever ones, like the t shirt pictured above.

The striped bass t shirt pictured above can be purchased from Etsy here. Another cool “eat or be eaten” t-shirt can be found here.

Striped Bass Themed Decals or Bumper Stickers


There’s a number of really cool bumper stickers are decals for striped bass anglers to put on their truck, car, boat, or tackle box. Get your angler a striped bass decal, and they’lll be the envy of the other fishermen and woman at the beach!

The decal pictured above can be purchased at Amazon, while another cool striped bass decal can be found here.

Another cool gift idea is a striped bass license plate frame, also available at Amazon.

Bass Themed Mugs


Okay so this one isn’t specifically for striped bass fishermen, it could be a great Christmas gift for any husband that fishes, be it bass, trout, pike, flounder, or anything inbetween.

The one pictured can be purchased at Amazon.

Stocking Stuff Ideas

  • Flash Light – Same idea as the head lamp mentioned earlier, it’s nice to have an additional flash light on hand if you need a bit of extra light. I’m quite fond of these LED lights.
  • Bait Knife – A general, all purpose bait knife comes in handy on a boat or the beach, especially if your striped bass angler is a bait angler. The Offshore Angler bait knife is the best bang for your buck knife I’ve purchased to date. Don’t be put off by the low price! I’ve actually bought a second one for use in the kitchen.

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