14 Unique and Stylish Fishing Decals.

I love fishing decals, unfortunately I drive a car that doesn’t have a ton of room so I’m limited in space. I have to be picky about what I put on the bumper of my car. Whether your looking for some cool new fishing bumper stickers for your car or truck, or just want some smaller decals for around the house or garage, or are looking for some fishing gift ideas, this list has you covered with some really cool and unique fishing decals.

Respect the fish Decals.

Respectthefish.com has a great selection of decals, almost all of them promoting the idea of respecting the fish you catch. They have a variety of species covered from striped bass to trout, to muskie to snook, flounder, redfish and more. Definitley worth checking their fishing decals out.

Small Mayfly Decals.

Most of the decals on this list I posted with the intention that they be used on a vehicle, these are much smaller however and are better suited for use around the house or on equipment/storage boxes. They come in black and white, and both adult mayfly and nymph forms. Can be purchased on Etsy.

Catch and Release Decal. Keep em’ wet.

We all know how important it is to treat fish humanely, especially if we are practising catch and release. Keepemwet.org has a few more decals like this one, they have a couple of varieties of trout, and steel head decals, and another one with tarpon, trout, and smallmouth bass.

Live Life on The Fly

This is a cool decal with a double meaning. I’m always up for impromptu fly fishing so it seems a suiting decal. This decal can be found on ebay, and is a good size for either your truck, SUV, car, or even your laptop.

Fish Bum Outfitters Decals

Fishbum Outfitters makes some really cool and unique products, including decals and fishing appearal. I’m quite fond of the brook trout decal myself but there are many other awesome decals if you want to go check them out.

Cat Lover Decal

Here’s one for the catfish anglers. You can bond with your wife and tell her you got a decal declaring your love for cats. Decal can be found at Etsy.


Silver Angler Trout Decal.

This is a decal that I personally have on my car. I bought it years ago and the site I purchased it from no longer seems to sell it. You may be able to find it somewhere by Googling it, but I’m unfortunately unable to provide a place to purchase this one.


Minimalist Black and White Striped Bass Decal

This minimalist striped bass decal was featured on TheJighead before on this list of gift ideas for striped bass anglers, but it’s to cool f a decal to leave out of a list like this. Can be found at Amazon.

Boneyard Fly Gear bumper stickers


The mermaid bumper sticker was also mentioned previously in a list of gift ideas for a fly angler. I had to mention Boneyard fly gear again here though because they make really cool and unique bumper stickers.

Muskie Truck Decal

I though the muskie coupled with the grass was a cool combo. You can do something similar with a pike, bass or trout decal as well. Source is Kelly’s vinyl wall art.

Salt Life Fishing Decal.

I see Salt Life decals around on trucks here from time to time. The decals look really cool and they have designs for a number of different fish species if you shop around. This particular marlin decal can be found here.


A bonus hunting one that I came across as I was looking at fishing decals.

I know it’s not a fishing decal but it was to funny not to post here. Besides I’m sure more than a few of my fellow anglers are also deer hunters as well. This can be bought at Amazon.


  1. howard levett

    I love decals. I’ve stopped putting them on my car and now put them on my tying desk. I’m about ready to order some new ones so thanks for the suggestions Ben.

    1. bensmckinley@gmail.com (Post author)

      Yeah, I can’t get enough of them. Getting some for the tying desk is a great idea.


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