The Jighead.com is a collection of my experiences as an (extremely) avid angler. I am a multi-species angler who currently resides in Prince Edward Island Canada, and I do most my fishing here. I do however take a few fishing trips every year, usually to New Brunswick.

Rainbow trout and Brookies occupy the majority of my time. Many of the local rivers have a healthy sea run brook trout population, and a few key rivers hold some truly impressive steelhead. Other species targeted include Atlantic mackerel, striped bass, Atlantic salmon, white perch, winter flounder, smelt, and eels. I’ve also played around with some micro fishing from time to time.

I am just as comfortable chucking spoons in the surf as I am floating a dry fly down a river, and most everything in between. Being open to different fishing styles allows you to choose the most effective method for the conditions, time of year, and species of fish targeted.

I tie most of my own flies, and love trying out new patterns.

Hopefully through my experience I can help the readers to become better anglers, and of course to have more fun out on the water!

If you want to reach me just fill out the contact form below.