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Amazing Under Ice Fishing

The titles a bit misleading, as there’s no actual “fishing” going on in this video, but this is one of the most creative and well done videos I’ve seen in a while. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch it.

How to Find Sea Run Brook Trout?

I’m lucky enough to live in an area that brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) are still king. They can be found in every river in the province of Prince Edward island. The majority of the rivers here support a healthy sea run brook trout population. While there are resident brook trout that stay in the streams all year long, the larger and highly sought after sea run brook trout (also known as…
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Gift Ideas for Striped Bass Anglers

Black Friday has come and gone, but for many the shopping continues. Continuing with the theme of the previous two posts, here are some great gift ideas for the striped bass fisherman or woman on your Christmas list. LED Head Lamp. It’s not uncommon for striped bass anglers to be out at the beach at 2:00am in the morning, either because they are chasing the tide, or simply due to the fact that…
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Great Gift Ideas for a Fly Tyer this Christmas

Previously, I talked about some great ideas for a Christmas gift for the fly fisher in your family. There’s a good chance that the fly angler in your family is also a fly tyer, is so here are some great gift ideas for the fly tyer on your Christmas list. It might be a good idea to take a look through his tying supplies and tools to get an idea of what…
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Gift Ideas For A Fly Fisher This Christmas

Black Friday is fast approaching, many people are likely wondering what to buy a fly fisherman for Christmas (or fly fisherwoman). Well those people are in luck because I just happen to be a fly angler and I have a pretty good idea of what the fly angler on your Christmas list would like for the holidays. Fish Face Mugs These are some really cool mugs featuring trout face artwork from…
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Upsidedown Zonker Trout Streamer

This is a pattern that was initially intended to mimic a sand shrimp. Once I got out on the water and actually fished the pattern, found that it did a much better job of mimicking mummichogs and/or killifish. You can bounce it along the bottom like a sand shrimp, or swim it in the upper middle part of the water column like a mummichog and it will produce large, aggressive trout either…
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End of Fishing Season Checklist.

It’s that time of year where for many of us, the fishing season is coming to a close. While some may be tempted to throw their fishing gear in the closet or garage and call it good enough, I can speak from personal experience that you will not be happy with yourself in the spring. Rusted hooks, mouldy tackle boxes, birds nests, lost gear, and ruined lures and flies are all…
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22 Inch Steelhead Caught on a Black Leech (Video)

  This weekend I was fortunate enough to land a gorgeous female 22″ steelhead that weighs in at 5.5 pounds. The large steelhead from yesterday is tied for the title of my personal best rainbow trout. The steelhead shares the title with a bulky male steelhead I caught October of last year from the same pool. The Steelhead was caught on one of my favourite streamer patterns, a black mohair leech. The video…
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Awesome Underwater Strikes from Rainbow Trout

I’ve been spending probably more time than I should be lately on youtube watching fishing videos while I wait for the summer heat to disappear so I can get back on the water. There’s been a sudden surge of underwater strike videos with the release of  water wolf and other similar cameras (I’m not affiliated with them at all, just linked to them to show what it is). Most of the…
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3 Dry Fly Stonefly Patterns that Work

There’s very little in fly fishing that will get me as excited as a large hatch of stoneflies. A female stonefly bouncing along the surface of the water and laying eggs will provoke absolutely savage strikes from hungry trout. Trout will recklessly slash at the surface to grab these large insects before they can escape. This is great news for the angler as the trout will not inspect flies the same way…
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