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Product Review: Berkley Gulp Alive Jigging grub

Berkley Gulp Alive jigging grubs are a small soft plastic impregnated with Berkley’s scent. The Berkley product page states that they are work great on panfish, I do not have panfish in my area, so cannot speak to that claim. I have used these grub extensively on Winter Flounder and a bit on brook/rainbow trout. These are my go-to bait for winter flounder fishing. I always tip my smaller home made bucktail jigs…
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How to fish Bucktail Jig for Winter Flounder.

Fishing for winter flounder can be tons of fun. They may not present the challenge of steelhead fishing, or put up the kind of fight you can expect from a striped bass, but winter flounder fishing is a fun way to spend an afternoon at the beach or on the dock. Don’t let the name of these groundfish fool you either! Winter flounder can be found close to shore well…
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Barbed vs Barbless hooks

Everyone that has been fishing for any amount of time will eventually come across the topic, should I be using barbed or barbless hooks? Many will use barbed hooks when they begin fishing, usually because 99% of flies, lures, and hooks come with barbs on them, and they never really give it a second thought. It is only when they are talking to a seasoned fisherman, or perhaps come across a…
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