22 Inch Steelhead Caught on a Black Leech (Video)


22 inch steel head rainbow trout prince edward island pei fly fishing streamer leech fly

This weekend I was fortunate enough to land a gorgeous female 22″ steelhead that weighs in at 5.5 pounds. The large steelhead from yesterday is tied for the title of my personal best rainbow trout. The steelhead shares the title with a bulky male steelhead I caught October of last year from the same pool.

The Steelhead was caught on one of my favourite streamer patterns, a black mohair leech. The video below shows the full fight. I was using a left handed reel (I’m right handed) so the line management is a bit sub-par, but just ignore that part of the video. She was also a bit reluctant to get in the net.

The remainder of the video shows some more rainbows and a few brookies caught on the same leech pattern from that same day. There’s also a few trout caught on a nymph later in the video. All fish aside from the big steelhead were released. I like to keep two or three big fish during the season to bake like a salmon, and I also use the trout roe to make trout “caviar”.

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  1. Howard Levett

    Wow, excellent video and fish! Ben, I would never use a right hand wind again after this one.


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