Gift Ideas For A Fly Fisher This Christmas

Black Friday is fast approaching, many people are likely wondering what to buy a fly fisherman for Christmas (or fly fisherwoman). Well those people are in luck because I just happen to be a fly angler and I have a pretty good idea of what the fly angler on your Christmas list would like for the holidays.

Fish Face Mugs


These are some really cool mugs featuring trout face artwork from Derek. They even have a fly hooked in the corner of the fishes mouth, so cool!

Mugs can be found here. If those are not quite your anglers style, try these stoneware mugs instead, or perhaps you would like advice from a trout?

Rod and reel

The most essential of fly fishing equipment is the rod and reel. If you’re shopping for a first time fly fisher, consider a more affordable combo pack to get the aspiring fly angler started. If you’re buying for a more seasoned angler, ask them specifically if there’s a specific rod or reel they want, as they’ll likely be looking to move past the introductory equipment.

New scissors and/or Pliers


If they don’t already have a nice set, a good set of pliers and scissors make life so much easier on the river. Make sure you buy one that comes with a lanyard, many fly anglers are guilty of losing more tools in the river than they care to count. Aluminium or other non rust material is a must for saltwater fly anglers so it doesn’t rust.

Here is a really nice set that comes with a lanyard.


Even if your fly angler is an fly tying machine, new flies will always be appreciated. The best fly patterns to buy would be ones that are either:

  1. Difficult or time consuming to tie.
  2. Use difficult to obtain or expensive materials that the fly tier doesn’t already have,
  3. Is a favourite of the fly angler and he goes through quite a few of them in a season.
  4. A fly pattern that is completely new to the fly angler that is still appropriate for the species they fish for.

Flies that are one, two, or any combination of these traits would be good picks. For extra bonus points, gift the flies inside a new fly box! If you yourself are a fly tier, tie up a bunch of patterns yourself and fill a fly box with them.

Fly boxes

fly-box-christmas-gift-fisherman-fisherwoman-holidays If your fly angler is anything like me, they have many, many more flies than they are able to properly store. Fly boxes are a great idea. I really like water proof ones like the one pictured. Make sure you fill the box with flies (See previous item on list)!

The fly box pictured is from White River fly shops, part of Bass Pro Shops. The fly box pictured can be found here.

A twist on a fly box is to get them a fly patch, it’s a clip on patch that the angler can attach to their shirt or waders. A fly patch makes swapping out flies on the river that much more convenient.

Bumper Stickers


Get your angler a little something to decorate their ride in. Pulling into the river parking lot, it’s not uncommon to see many cars and trucks covered in fishing bumper stickers.

Boneyard fly gear has one of the best selection of original fly decal stickers I’ve seen to date. This picture above is one of their many awesome fly fishing decals.

In a similar theme, these license plate frames are pretty sweet as well.

Fly Line

You can’t really surprise them with this one, because you’ll want to ask them what specific type of fly line they want (Floating, sinking tip, shooting, etc). That being said most fly lines are right around the perfect price (around $60-$120) to be a solid gift choice.

A new net


Maybe their current net is wearing out, maybe it’s to heavy? Either way a new net is a solid choice for a Christmas gift if the fly angler needs one. Try to pick a wooden net, as the aluminium ones tend to be quite heavy. Try to select one with soft netting as well, this will be gentle on the fish and will be especially appreciated if your fly angler is the catch and release type. has a good article on what constitutes a good trout net.

The net pictured above is a good choice for a trout angler.

Fishing Vest

fly-fishing-vest-christmas-giftWe fly anglers have so many flies, scissors, different types of fishing line (tippet), indicators, floatant, and other gizmos and gadgets that a proper vest to store it all helps a ton on the water.

I received this vest (the one pictured) a year ago, and would recommend it to any fly angler. If your shopping around for a different type of vest, the primary thing to keep in mind is the more pockets, the better.


Most likely your fly angler has a set of waders, but if they’re new to the sport an don’t yet have a pair, a good set of waders is an absolute game changer that will result in more (and bigger) fish being caught.

Polarized sunglasses


These are hugely popular with anglers all over the world, and for good reason. It’s something that an angler might not spend the money on themselves if they’ve never tried them before, so make for a great gift.

Polarized sunglasses greatly reduce the glare off the water, and make spotting fish in the water much easier.

Hatch Magazine posted a very thorough article on the best sunglasses of 2015-2016.

Stocking stuffer ideas for your fly fisherman/fisherwoman

  • Indicators
  • Tippet/leaders
  • Floatant
  • Retractor for their net (If their net didn’t come with one)

If your fly angler is just and avid fly tyer as they are a fly fisher, check out this list for more great gift ideas.


Just for fun these cuff links are pretty cool. I wouldn’t ever have a use for them, but I imagine some angler some where would have an excuse to make use of them.




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