Sili-worm Fly

I was at Micheal’s the other day browsing the craft supplies for potential cheap fly tying supplies. I hit pay dirt when I found packs of 10 yards of silicone cord on sale for $1.99.  They had a few colours available, but I settled on hot pink for tying this really simple silicone worm fly, as well as some green silicone cord as a replacement for sili legs on frog flies.

sili cord rubber legs fly tying trout worm fly

This is a really simple fly to tie, there’s no doubting the effectiveness of the classic San Juan worm. This pink sili-worm fly is a variation of the classic San Juan worm fly, except it uses Sili legs instead of chenille. The sili legs give the fly a bit more movement in the the water. I think it should perform really well in the spring run off, and can’t wait to use it for brookies and rainbow trout in the spring!


  • Silicone cord
  • Size 12 nymph hook.
  • Pink (or colour of choice) thread
  • Non-lead wire
  • Sally Hansens Hard as Nails, head cement, or epoxy.

How to Tie

Step 1: Mash the barb.

Step 2: Wrap desired about of non lead wire onto the hook shank and pinch or snip wire off.

Step 3: Make counter thread wraps to the wrap direction of the wire to keep in in place. Create a thread bank on either end of the wire to prevent it from moving, and allow a smoother tie in of the silicone cord.

sili worm trout fly pink nymph weighted wire

Step 4: Tie a length of silicone cord onto the hook shank. I prefer to only apply a moderate amount of thread pressure to keep the ends from flaring out, but if that’s something you want, you can apply significant pressure to the thread wraps to cause the silicone cord to flair at either end.

Step 5: continue to make thread wraps to cover the majority of the silicone cord around the hook shank. It’s not necessary to cover all the silicone cord, just most of it. If you do try to cover all of it you’ll likely end up with a bulky centre to the fly.

sili worm trout fly pink nymph

Step 6: Whip finish the fly.

Step 7: Apply head cement to body of the fly.

Step 8: Trim to silicone cord to desired length.

pink silicone leg worm fly trout sili legs

A quick and very easy fly to tie that’s really effective on trout. It you find the front piece of silicone cord is getting tangled on your fly line, just trim it off in favour of a longer piece of silicone cord from the rear of the fly.



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